Moose Lodge and Elk Cabin are situated between Sälen and the border of Norway. The closest international airport is Gardermoen, Oslo.

From Sweden...

If you come from the south of Sweden, head for Malung. After Malung head north on highway 297. There are two options to reach Sälen or Moose Lodge and Elk Cabin. Either via Sälen or Rörbäcksnäs, the Sälen route is best if the weather is bad.

Via Sälen About 64 km after Malung you will reach the village Sälen, having passed the ski resort of Kläppen. At the roundabout turn left and head up into the mountains where the other ski resorts are located. After about 5km you will reach Lindvallen, it is another 10km until you reach Tandådalen, and only a short distance further to Hundfjället. If you wish to visit Stöten or Trysil (Norway) you should continue on. After 5km turn right at the sign for Stöten, and continue for 10km. For Trysil and Norway stay on the road until you reach the Rörbäcksnäs road, where you should turn right, a little while after you reach the border turn left at the T junction which will take you to Trysil (40km).

Via Rörbäcksnäs About 32 kilometres after Malung there is a small village called Torgås. There you turn left over the bridge, it is signed towards Rörbäcksnäs. Follow this road for about 35 kilometres, you should then be at Rörbäcksnäs, which has a petrol station, a food store (ICA) and an inn. Go through the village. For the Swedish ski resorts of Hundfjället, Tandådalen and Lindvallen, turn right after a few kilometres, you will reach them after about 10km, 12km and 20km respectively. Alternatively continue on the road into Norway, at the T junction turn right for Stöten (10km), or left for Trysil (40km)

From Norway...

If you are flying in to Gardermoen, Oslo. Head out of the airport and look out for the signs for the E6 North (Trondheim). You will find within a short distance a sign on the right to leave one dual carriageway taking you on to the next. Again within a short distance there is another sign on the right to leave the dual carriage way taking you up to a couple of roundabouts. You require the third exit which will take you onto the E6 North. (This is all clearly signed). You will have no reason to leave the E6 for about 70km unless you require a snack. Suggestions are a roadside burger bar about 30km just over a high bridge, or a Veikro (50km) at Espa for a more varied menu, it has a view out over the Lake. Once you are on the E6 you should look out for signs to Trysil (and Elverum), after about 70km the signs will direct you off the E6 onto highway 3, again clearly signposted. Stay on highway 3 until you reach a T junction (after about 20km) with highway 25. Turn right. Immediately opposite is a 24 hour petrol station which may be convenient to buy essentials if you arrive late. Stay on highway 25 following the signs for Trysil, for about 75km, your only interruptions will be several traffic lights and a roundabout at Elverum (10km), at which point you will be half way in distance. As you approach Trysil, highway 25 turns into highway 26, with highway 25 turning sharply to the right. Stay on the road for Trysil. For the Sälen ski resorts and the house and cabin you need to stay on highway 25 and therefore need to turn right. This road takes you over a single track bridge, and down into a small village, at the crossroads turn left (still on highway 25). After 2km highway 25 will leave this road to the right, you need to turn right also. Stay on highway 25 for the next 30km, which will take you through Østby and the customs post (which confusingly is not at the border). After 30km you will reach a junction signed Rörbäcksnäs and Sälen on the right, turn right. If you wish to visit Stöten do not turn right, stay on the road for another 10km. For Sälen continue into Sweden, about 2.5km into Sweden turn left at the sign for Sälen, the ski resorts of Hundfjället, Tandådalen and Lindvallen are about 10km, 12km and 20km distant respectively.

The journey is in total about 200km, and will take about 2-2½ hours.

To return to the airport retrace your tracks following signs to Oslo and Gardermoen, again the sign posting is excellent, the only chance you will have to go wrong is at the junction for highway 3 off highway 25 (Look out for an Esso Station 10km after Elverum, the junction is just past it on the left).