ElkHouse The Swedish Environmental Protection webpages give full details on your rights to enjoy the Swedish countryside and your responsibilities whilst doing so.

There is plenty of space around the house for R&R, a barbecue is available if your require it (fire safety rules forbid the lighting of fires in the summer, follow the link above for more details).

The gravel drive is ideal for a game of boule, and there is also a small wendy house (shown below) to keep the children busy.
We have several neighbours, though all but one are hidden by the trees. As a result you are unlikely to get disturbed by loud music, or disturb other residents.

Our neighbours also rent out their cabin, it has two bunk bedrooms and sleeps six, otherwise the accommodation is similar to our cabin. If you are interested in their cabin, either in combination with ours or separately, email one of us and we will put you in contact.
Their cabin is shown below.
Front of Neighbours cabin Back of Neighbours Cabin

In the winter take your after/apres ski down at the river, light a campfire in the stone BBQ if you wish.
It's fun to relax down by the river even in the coldest weather.

up river winter
The river will get warm enough to swim in the summer, though please use the thermometer to check before jumping in.
winter campfire

down river winter
There are a number of restaurants open year round in Østby (Norway), and all the ski centres and Hotels.

Speciality restaurants are also around, particularly around Lindvallen.

Sweden is normally cheaper than Norway.

Take way is more limited with a pizza bar by the shop in Tandådalen, again there is a wider selection in Lindvallen and Sälen village though they are rather further away.
There a number of mini-supermarkets all around, in Rörbäcksnäs, Tandådalen, Hundfjället, Lindvallen and Stöten. There is much less on the Norwegian side of the border, where food tends to be more expensive.
Larger supermarkets are available in Trysil and Sälen.
The supermarkets in Rörbäcksnäs & Tandådalen have chemist concessions, though you will have to ask for the products you require.
For those of you visiting the area for the first time there is a small souvenir shop by the supermarket in Tandådalen.
There are number of bars at all the ski centres and hotels, the bars at the ski centres are generally the most lively.
As you may be aware Sweden runs a state monopoly on alcohol sales. 4% beer is available in all the supermarkets, stronger beer, wine and spirits either have to be ordered in advance from the supermarkets or brought from the state liquor stores, the closest are in Sälen & Trysil.