News - Moose Lodge, Elk Cabin
and the ski areas of Trysil and Sälen

Autumn/Winter 2007

The resorts have now started to open with Trysil, Lindvallen and Tandådalen/Hundfjället all having a few slopes open. Trysil will have almost its full fall height open this weekend, 605 of 620m thus meeting its snow guarantee. There is also snow around the house and cabin, though not enough yet to scooter, check out our webcam. Stöten and Kläppen plan to open mid December their snow production is in full swing as you can see from their webcams.
Hopefully if there are any warm spells on the way they won't last long enough to melt the snow providing a good base for the main season.

Our friends Hermod and Briggita Werner openned their new cafe, bar and restuarant in Rörbäcksnäs last spring. Their restaurant is opposite the shop in the centre of Rörbäcksnäs so it is also convenient for the scooter trails.

In our house and cabin the changes have been slightly more on the cosmetic side than previous years. We have redecorated the stairwell and added a pair of old skis as decoration plus added another light. Downstairs we have refreshed the utility room and replaced the old ramshackle ski rack with a rather more sturdy structure that should allow skis and boards to be proped up and look neater.

We have added broad band to the offer, this is available both wireless and wired in the house and wireless only in the cabin. Details will be in the house details on arrival. We have also added a webcam so you can check out the snow round the house in advance or your arrival. Click on this Link.

Let us know what you think our improvements our priorities for next summer are redecoration of the hall as well as the usual exterior maintenance.

We Welcome Snow Scooters

One of the advantages of our house and cabin being slightly further from the slopes and being in Sweden is that we can welcome snow scooters. We enjoy snowscootering and have cleared a couple of short stretches of forest to link our house to the scooter trails. If you are thinking of bringing your scooter let us know so we can provide you with a local map. We do of course expect you that treat the neighbours and forest with respect whilst enjoying your scooter so please do not ride around the house. Remember the trails are sometimes well used and you often meet up with other enthusiasts and share experiences and hints for other trips. If you have an accident you can be hours away from help particularly if this is a crash and your sccoter is unable to continue. So please drive carefully and if you are scootering solo the usual mountain rules apply, leave the details of your trip (route and expected time of return etc.) with a friend and ensure your phone is fully charged and your are carrying survival kit.

Improvements at Lindvallen, Tandådalen/Hundfjället & Trysil etc.

With the purchase of Trysil by SkiStar last year the investment continues with another new red slope on the other side of last year's new 6 seater chairlift at Fageråsen with a windscreen and heated seats! With this investment the early and late season focus at Trysil will now be at Fageråsen or the Høyfjellssenter. The Pavilion restaurant at Fjellroa was new last year, we found it very atmospheric with a great view but a little on the small side, obviously others did as well since it has been extended. There have also been a number of new restaurants. The new ski slopes around the car park last year avoiding the long walks were also a great improvement, a family fun park will also be new on slope 21 this winter.

Also with the common ownership of Trysil and the Sälen resorts in Norway and Sweden respectively, both sets of resorts offered a free day pass the other with a week pass. So those of you who are yet to try Trysil can do so at zero cost.

The main Sälen resorts have this year updated a couple of the lifts, the main chair at Lindvallen at Gustavtorget which was 4 person is in the process of being replaced by an 8 person chair. The old chairlift is being installed at Tandådalen East, it will not follow the line of the drag lifts there but cross the mountain at a slight angle to make access to the slopes off the side easier, a new slope through the trees is planned. Otherwise the new restuarants last year at Tandådalen and Lindvallen - Soltorget which were a great improvement along with the improved snow production should also be of benefit this year.

Two years ago saw a new 6 seater chair at Stöten which was a much overdue investment and has improved Stöten, Stöten is a smaller but family friendly resort. We are unaware of any new investment lat year at Stöten. Usually it does not occurpy us for much more than a day but it does have some of the better black runs in the Sälen area excluding Väggen at Hundfjället.

All in all we think the improvements should improve the ski experience.