Summer is an especially good time to be up in the mountains. The tourist season runs from mid summer (21st June) until only early to mid August. It therefore finishes a little earlier than the UK summer holidays.

House & Cabin
The main activities are outdoor pursuits, walking, mountain biking, canoeing etc., plus fishing. Hundfjället also has a rondel (bob sleigh) track.

The season in Trysil is a little longer and offers a further selection of activities, including more active pursuits such as river boarding, canyoning etc.
Lakes can be seen everywhere.
The trees are rather bare until quite late in Spring
Spring View
Below is a picture of the river behind the house and cabin looking upstream.
river in summer
And Downstream
A number of the chairlifts operate in the summer. You can take your mountain bike up with you if you wish. The views from the top are spectacular Walking and cycling downhill is so much easier!
Below is a view from the chair at Hundfjället looking across to the pistes at Tandådalen
hundfjallet in summer The summer scenery is spectacular, though of course it is dominated by the trees.
summer scenery
Wildlife abounds in this part of Sweden, without any need to search it out. The beaver lodge opposite is right next to the road a half hour drive away.

In the summer moose are harder to spot as they move higher up into the mountains.

Below are a few glimpses we caught last summer of reindeer.
reindeer3 reindeer2
However it's not all good news the wood ants are very busy during the summer. If you leave them alone they won't bother you. The picture below was taken in 2000 and the one on the left in 2005 which shows how the and hill has grown.ants Ants Again
The pleasures of freshwater swimming (without chlorine) are available everywhere. Some shaded lakes may not heat up as much as others so test the temperature before jumping in.

There are many signposted swimming lakes close by, Rörbäcksnäs, Stöten etc.

However don't feel limited, the rights of access mean that you can swim in any lake you wish, provided there are no houses overlooking. For full details on public access in Sweden please visit the Swedish Environmental Protection webpages.

There is also an open air swimming pool at Lindvallen. Though now without the waterslide shown.Lake2

There are many relaxing walks you can take around the area. One of which is to a nearby waterfall at Bråtafallet.



There are plenty of spectacular rapids around on many of the rivers.

Another spectacular set of falls are at Roa, just up from Trysil, shown in the 3 pictures right

Near Idre there is one highest falls in Sweden, Njupeskar, well worth a visit.

See the winter page to see them spectacularly frozen.


After a short walk you arrive at these unspoilt falls, shown in the 3 pictures above and left.


The tourist centre at Trysil offers a wide range of activities rafting, canoeing and canyoning to name but a few.
There are golf courses in Trysil, Idre, Sälen and Elverum.

Sorry that there aren't any pictures but we haven't tried it out yet!
Sweden has public right of access to most land providing you aren't visible to a building. However the usual rules apply, regarding care of the environment. You may also camp. In summer you may not light fires except at recognised fire places. For full details on public access, swimming, camping, fishing etc. in Sweden please visit the Swedish Environmental Protection webpages.